5 Fragrances Your Mum Will Love This Mother’s Day

With so many fragrances to choose from, finding the perfect scent for your mum can often be a struggle. Luckily for you, we’ve matched some of our best fragrances with 5 personality traits, helping to make sure your mum gets her dream gift this Mother’s Day.

Eve Truth Fragrance

Warm & Friendly

Is your mum the woman that friends and family go to for advice and support? Is she harmonious, honest and well-balanced? Then we have two fragrances we know she’ll love. If she adores floral scents of delicate rose, fresh neroli and woody santal, then our Today, Tomorrow, Always fragrance is her perfect match. Alternatively, if she’s looking for something a little different, try surprising her with the brand-new Eve Truth, which includes the captivating blend of magnetic beauty aura, tender peony and sweet cedarwood.

Pur Blanca Harmony Fragrance

Gentle & Sensitive

For the mum who stays calm and serene in stressful situations, and who is forever understanding, we have Pur Blanca Harmony. A wistful blend of fresh raspberry, jasmine and musk, this fragrance allows you to find the perfect harmony between mind and body – ideal for your caring and relaxed mum.

Lipsy fragrance

Physical & Energetic

If your mum is anything like mine, she’s bold and fearless, with a totally fierce attitude! To match that level of energy, she needs a fragrance that’s full of zest and confidence. The Lipsy fragrance is the perfect blend of mandarin, vibrant violet and captivating patchouli, which will match your mum’s love for life – wherever she goes!

Tabitha Webb Fragrance

Sophisticated & Powerful

For the lady who is self-assured and always on-point, try the gift of Tabitha Webb. With a light and feminine raspberry top note, followed by a spicy and sweet pink pepper, this delightful scent ends with an Oriental soft wood for an all-encompassing fragrance your mum will love.

Little Black Dress Fragrance

Focused & Selective

Match your mum’s elegance with our very own modern classic, Little Black Dress. A sophisticated blend of honeysuckle, ylang-ylang and milkwood, this is the perfect fragrance for ladies who adore the scent of bright fruits, elegant florals and luxurious woods.

We know that no mum is ever the same, and we adore them for their uniqueness and the unconditional love they’ve showed us over the years. No matter what makes them special to you, we hope that our fragrance finder has helped you discover your mum’s new favourite scent. So, whether she’s full of energy and zest, or sophisticated and elegant, Mother’s Day is officially sorted.