We believe in the
beauty of doing good

Responsible business

We believe in the beauty of doing good, in addressing the challenges of rapid climate change, ensuring equality and inclusion, and ending animal testing. And we’re not doing this alone. Across the world, we’re striving to be the company that does things differently to make a difference.

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Against animal testing. Always.

No animal testing

We proudly became the first global beauty company to end animal testing across all products in every country in which we operate. We deliver products that meet our customers’ needs without compromising on this commitment This means that here in the UK, and anywhere else in the world we operate, no product will be tested on animals. Want to know more? We answer the questions you need to know here

Improving our
environmental impact

Environmental impact

We work to continually reduce our environmental footprint and responsibly manage our global operations. There’s things that we can all do, small steps that we can take every day, to make a difference. Here’s our top five recycling tips:


Avon brochure

Do you recycle your Avon brochure?
Once you’ve finished with it, be sure to share it with someone who might like to use it or, pop it into your paper recycling.

Recycling tips

Plastic bottles, like shampoos, conditioners and shower gels, are accepted by most recycling programmes - make sure that you have emptied and cleaned them out before placing in the appropriate recycling bin.


Aerosols like hairsprays and deodorants can be recycled in most household collection schemes - make sure they’ve been completely finished before recycling
DON’T FORGET: trigger heads and pumps must be detached and put in your normal bin.

Glass bottles

Glass bottles (except nail varnish) are widely recyclable – again, make sure they have been emptied and cleaned before popping them in the recycling bin.

Boxes and paper

The carton boxes and paper inserts your beauty products come with are accepted by most recycling programmes, so pop them into your recycling bin

Recycle me

Find out more about our endeavours to improve our environmental impact here

Commitment to life
to Life

Did you know, we’re part of the Natura &Co family? As a group of businesses that are led by our purpose, we’re committed to making a positive difference. Read more about our vision to be the best beauty company for the world.