Menopause? It Just Got Easier

Hot flushes, irritation and dryness. Perimenopause, the transitional period before your menopause, can really take its toll on your skin. And that’s why we’ve developed Adapt, a skincare collection that’s designed specifically for this stage in your life. Infused with botanical adaptogens that help the body to resist stressors, Adapt helps to evoke calm and balance when you need it the most.

“Menopause shouldn’t be a taboo subject. So let’s talk...”

What is Perimenopause?

The perimenopause is the stage in your life when your periods become erratic, or may even stop, and just before you enter the menopause. And as with the many other stages of your life it’s rarely discussed – despite the huge emotional and physical impact it can have on your life.

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Real Symptoms

Hot Flushes

One minute you’re fine, the next it feels like you’re made of molten lava. Hot flushes can feel unbearable, but don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing.

Introducing our Cooling Elixir Facial Mist, an ice-cold spray that’s infused with soothing botanical adaptogens that help the body to resist stressors so your skin feels calm and balanced. In fact, 100% of women saw an instant decrease in skin temperature after an icy cool spritz.*

*Based on 1-minute post-application study of 22 trialists.

Hot flushes


As you enter the early stages of menopause, your oestrogen levels begin to drop and this can lead to a depletion of collagen, the structural protein that gives skin its youthful bounce.

To combat this, we’ve developed our Dream Cream. A night cream that not only helps double collagen production, it’s also infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid and blemish-fighting niacinamide. Plus, its dreamy lavender and jasmine scent will help you sleep better.

Dry Skin

Hormones help to keep your skin healthy and hydrated by stimulating oil glands. This all changes when your oestrogen levels drop, leaving you with dry, irritated skin.

For instant hydration, try our Hydra Rescue On The Go Serum. It delivers a 98% moisture boost*, leaving your skin feeling quenched, nourished and soothed.

*Based on a clinical study with 31 participants.

Dry Skin

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