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the power of beauty

We’re Avon, and we’ve been doing beauty differently for over 135 years. Because beauty to us is innovation. Beauty is discovery. Beauty is joy, expertise and value. Beauty is doing what’s right. It’s transforming lives. Creating a better tomorrow today. We believe beauty should put food on tables, as well as mascara on lashes. Because beauty is empowerment.

Supporting women

For 135 years we’ve been creating positive change for women, bringing them economic freedom so they can shape their own future. We speak up and speak out on issues that matter to our communities, supporting causes that help their health and wellbeing. We use the power of beauty to transform women’s lives for the better.

1 billion dollars for breast cancer fight globally
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Avon lady
Avon lady
domestic violence helpline 24 hours 7 days a week
a worldwide community of beauty entrepreneurs
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Our team of talented scientists, engineers and specialists pair beauty with scientific innovation through pioneering brands and products. We‘re passionate about keeping you at the centre of beauty, creating products that embrace the hottest trends and cutting-edge technology, alongside everyday essentials that will be the staples of your beauty kit.

750 patents and top beauty innovations 
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7 bottles of fragrance sold each second (more than any other brand)
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Our products have won over 300 awards in the last three years
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We recognise the part we must play in addressing the challenges of rapid climate change and shifting our business towards circularity and regeneration. We strive to make a positive impact: reduce our environmental impact, create responsibly sourced products and leave the world better than we found it.

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53% less carbon emission since 2005; 93% global recycling rate; 99%
1st to stop animal testing worldwide
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brochure paper from certified sustainable sources