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5 Beauty Trends to Love in 2022

As we start to emerge into a post-pandemic world, our hair and beauty regimens are taking centre stage. To ensure you’re ready for the world beyond a mask, we’ve compiled a list of five trends in hair and beauty we think you’re going to love in 2022.

Bold colours

While many of us have embraced the natural look, 2022 is the year we welcome colour back into our lives. Daring to go bold with colour offers a chance to try something new and develop a look you’ve never considered before. Whether it’s bright eye make-up for an evening out, a statement hair colour or a bold shade on your lips, there are endless opportunities for experimenting with colour this year.

Perhaps start by trying an emerald eyeliner or timeless red lipstick alongside your natural make-up, or opt for a few colourful highlights to brighten up your blonde. If you’re worried about colours being too ‘in your face’, the pastel make-up trend is a perfect toned-down way to lift your look without having to reach for the canary yellow eyeshadow!

Bold Colours.

Dewy skin

We’ve said it before, but this time it’s here to stay. Dewy skin is becoming one of those classic beauty trends that reappears time and time again, and now is the perfect time to let your skin do the talking. Whether you opt for a tinted moisturiser, a foundation with coverage that glows, or you want to go all out with a dewy makeover – eyes and lips included – now’s the time to do it.

We’ll also be seeing more products loaded with radiance-inducing formulas traditionally used in quality skincare to help you maintain that glow, even when you’re make-up free. And with 17% of frequent make-up wearers saying they use make-up less than before the pandemic, it’s never been a better time to showcase your naturally glowing skin.

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Clean beauty

Recently, the beauty industry has been under scrutiny about plastic waste, sustainability and what goes into the products we love. But this year, we’re going to see more brands doing their bit for the environment by introducing refillable products and ensuring customers understand what they’re doing to reduce their carbon footprint. That means natural formulas, more vegan skincare and sustainable make-up products.

At Avon, we know the importance of our impact on the environment. We're taking steps to reduce it as much as possible to have recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging for all our products by 2030.

Clean Beauty.


Stick-ons might be something you thought were left in the 90s, but they’re back and continuing to gain popularity in the beauty world this year, as many of us look for new ways to express ourselves and stand out from the crowd. Several collections in fashion shows for 2022 have included body embellishments, from top-to-toe glitter to faces adorned with striking gems and crystals.

If there was ever a time to embrace something slightly out of your comfort zone, now’s the time to try it. We’re talking rhinestone pedicures for the summer, crystal eye make-up, colourful face embellishments for festival season and even a tooth gem or two for the more daring among us!

Embellishments are also big news across hair trends in 2022, with ponytail extensions and hair tinsel expected to be popular styles this year. Psst! Be sure to look after your hair with nourishing hair masks and treatments, too!

Skin protection

When it comes to getting your beauty regimen right, you’ve got to put in the groundwork. In 2022, it’s all about safeguarding our skin and protecting our base before we go ahead with make-up. Products with formulas designed to rebalance the skin’s microbiome, support cell regeneration, and protect against irritants should be top of your list this year.

Our Anew Renewal Protinol Power Serum improves the look of your skin while doing powerful things beneath the surface to support cell renewal and boost collagen. We’ll also be seeing more make-up products loaded with formulas traditionally reserved for skincare, helping to decrease the steps in your beauty regimen without compromising on quality.

Skin Protection.

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So, from skincare to haircare to beauty, there’s something for everyone to get involved with this year. Ready to embrace the trends of 2022? It's time to shop our bestsellers.