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How To Achieve The No Make-up Look

The no make-up make-up look is one trend that will never go out of fashion. Of course, looking effortlessly chic is a major part of this trend’s appeal. It channels that “off-duty model nipping to the shop” vibe – perfect if you want a quicker, lightweight option for the daytime or whenever you want that almost au naturel look.

The art of applying enough make-up to look fresh-faced but not totally polished is hard to master. It's all too easy to apply just a touch too much product! But don’t worry – we’ll show you tips on achieving this timeless make-up look using the best Avon products.

What is no-make-up make-up?

No-make-up make-up is a look that gives you the appearance of being naturally flawless. Rather than more heavily applied cosmetic trends, no make-up make-up is less about loud eyeshadow colours, dark brows and winged eyeliner. It's more about using minimal products to accentuate your natural features and naturally glowing skin.

The no-make-up make-up look is the closest we can get to applying a filter or airbrushing our faces, but in real life rather than in photographs. If you want to still look like you (but at your best), this natural look is the way to go.

How to get the no-make-up look

First of all, to make your complexion appear at its best, it needs to actually be at its best. Caring for your skin is the first, most important tip when trying to achieve any make-up look.

Blonde natural make-up model looking at camera.

Cleanse & tone

If you don't already have a skincare routine that gives you great results, it’s certainly time to try and find one. As a starting point, you may want to try a facial cleanser that’ll remove any impurities and make-up from your face. We like the Nutra Effects Mattifying Fluffy Foam Cleanser for its gentle formula and cleansing properties.

After cleansing your face, applying a light toner will help tighten your pores and give your make-up a smoother canvas. For a skincare boost, try a toner like the Anew Vitamin C Radiance Tonic. It contains glycolic acid to smooth your skin and vitamin C to help give you a radiant glow.


After cleansing and toning your skin, apply a moisturiser that suits your skin type. If your skin is oilier, don't avoid it but instead smooth on a thin layer. For drier skin types, an intensely hydrating moisturiser is key – it’ll give you the hit of hydration your skin craves.

A great addition to any no-make-up make-up routine is the True Nutra Effects Radiance Tinted Moisturiser. Perfect for normal skin, it gives you a radiant glow for a natural flush all year round.

Prepare your skin

We also recommend using a face mask at least once a week to help keep your skin plump and hydrated. The Anew Radiance Maximising Gold Mask is ideal for keeping your face exfoliated, glowing and in prime condition.

After completing your skincare routine, leave your moisturiser to sink in for about twenty minutes, then apply a primer like the Magix SPF20 Smoothing Primer. With fully prepped skin (looking its natural best, of course), you're ready to apply make-up.

How to do natural make-up

The easiest way to master this look is to make it look simple and light – like a natural make-up look. Let’s look at how to apply natural make-up for a fresh-faced appearance.

Brunette natural make-up model.

Now that you’ve fully prepped your skin and taken care of it, it’s time to lightly apply your make-up. The key to a natural finish is to be really light handed with your make-up application and always remember 'less is more'.

For no-make-up skin

Just as with any other make-up routine, start with your base. Once your moisturiser and primer have had time to settle and smooth out your skin's texture, apply a light layer of foundation. Choosing the right foundation for your skin tone and type is crucial here. For a natural finish, we recommend a lightweight foundation such as the Power Stay 24 Hour Longwear Foundation. This buildable formula allows you to achieve flawless coverage that hides any blemishes whilst giving you a natural finish.

Two models showing natural make-up.

Like your foundation, we also recommend using a lightweight concealer. The Under Eye Brightening Illuminator is great for brightening your under-eye area to help cover any dark circles and avoid tired-looking eyes. You can also use it to help cover any darker blemishes if you want to.

Add a touch of colour

Any accredited make-up artist will tell you a highlighter is crucial for adding a pop of colour. Using your middle finger instead of your index finger (to avoid the heavier handed approach), dab a small amount of highlighter to the very top of your cheekbones, just below the outer corners of your eyes. A light application of blush to the apples of your cheeks will also help you achieve a natural flush. Why not try the Luminous Blush in a hue closest to your skin tone fresh-looking glow?

Subtle eye & lip make-up

Keeping eye make-up looking natural is an art form in itself. Start by applying a good quality, lightweight mascara such as the Lash Genius Mascara to your upper lashes only. Applying mascara to your lower lashes can make your eyes look too impactful! Rather than opting for the standard black mascara, you could choose a brown shade to achieve the most authentic, natural-looking results.

When it comes to lip colour, we suggest selecting a nude colour close to your natural tone as possible to achieve a truly natural look. If you'd like more advice on how to wear nude lipstick, check out Lisa Armstrong's Top Tips on Wearing Nude Lipstick.

With some no make-up make-up ideas under your belt, it’s time to get hold of Avon's finest skincare and beauty products and perfect the look. Try these out if you're looking to develop a new make-up routine for days when you don’t fancy wearing a full face.

Before getting stuck in with different types of make-up, make sure you’ve cared for your skin well. Why not try one of this year's most popular skincare hacks or invest in something more intense like the 10-step Korean skincare routine?