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How to Do a Bold Eye

Feel like going for something a bit bolder with your make-up? Nothing creates more drama than a bold eye. Dark and dramatic, bright and beautiful, a bold eye look can be devastatingly gorgeous. But to pull off such an intense look, you need to be sure you're using the right selection of eye make-up and applying it properly. But fear not, we've got you covered with our step-by-step eye make-up tips.

First, start with a pared-back look

Bold eye make-up and vivid lips need a toned-downed base, so take a lighter approach to products like foundation and bronzer. You could try a tinted moisturiser like the True Nutra Effects Radiance Tinted Moisturiser for a touch of glow.

Take a similar mindset to your hair, too. Skip the complicated updo for something simple, like a beachy wave. You want the overall look to be eye-catching, but too many distractions can lessen its effect. There's a difference between dramatic and theatrical.

Next, think about your colour palette

You can pick anything from a neon yellow to bold blue eyeshadow, it’s totally up to you!

You don’t necessarily need to pick multiple colours from your palette. While it can help to have a transitional colour to blend the look, sticking with one colour also creates a big statement.

How to do a bold eye.
How to do a bold eye.
How to do a bold eye.

Think about what type of eyeshadow to use

Most eyeshadow palettes will come in a powder form, but it might be wise to consider a cream eyeshadow. If you're using transitional make-up colours, a powder works better when blending the colours. But if you're doing a single colour or pressed for time, cream eyeshadow is better – and more likely to stay on your eyelids, too.

Apply some primer

Next, you'll need to start prepping your lids for your eye make-up. Start with an eyeshadow primer. If you’ve not got one to hand, a make-up primer will work just as well. We love the silky-smooth feel and all-day staying power of the Magix Hydrating Primer. Primers are excellent as they help eye make-up –especially eyeshadow – stick to your eyelids. They'll smooth out all your creases and create an unbeatable base for powder eyeshadow to stick to.

Start from the outside in

Once the primer is on (and dry!), you're ready to apply eyeshadow. If you're using a transitional colour, start with this. If you're using multiple, start with the lightest shade first. Blend this over your entire lid, into the crease, and slightly above the crease. Start to create the shape with the lightest colour, which you can follow with a bold shade.

If you're only using one colour, skip to the next step.
How to do a bold eye.
How to do a bold eye.
How to do a bold eye.

Now, go bold!

Once you have a rough shape outlined, it's time to start filling in the blanks. For powder eyeshadow, a soft blending brush is the best tool to use. For cream eyeshadow, it’s your fingertips. In need of a new blending brush? We’ve got you covered with a fabulous and affordable range.

Instead of starting at the corner, begin in the middle and blend outwards. Gradually blend your eyeshadow across the whole lid from the outer corner to the inner corner. Don’t forget to blend upwards so your eyeshadow goes above the crease.

Remember, bold make-up naturally draws attention, so don’t forget to examine your work in a mirror as you go. Once you've done both eyelids, check they’re symmetrical – they should be sisters, not twins!

Time to add some finishing touches

Now you've done your make-up, it's time for some finishing touches to let your beauty shine through.

First, define your eyes with eyeliner. Use whichever formula makes you feel your best, whether that’s pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. We find that liquid eyeliners go great with dramatic eye make-up looks, as they create super precise lines that complement shadows beautifully. Simply line the top lash line from inner to outer corner, thickening as you go outwards – stunning.

Lastly, you'll want to load up your lashes with mascara. A bold eye look can mean your natural lashes get lost, so adding mascara is a must for stand-out lashes. After one coat dries, add another to get maximum volume. It's difficult to use too much mascara with this eye look, so you can be pretty liberal – your lashes will tell you when to stop.

And that's it. Your first bold eye makeover is complete. Whether you're out clubbing or prepping for your next TikTok video, this eye make-up trend will always stand out more than simple black eyeshadow and eyeliner combo. Plus, it's braver than the decades-old smouldering smokey eye. It takes practice but nail it, and you've got a stunning make-up look in your armoury, ready to deploy when you need to stand out.