How to Find the Perfect Red Lipstick

There’s nothing more iconic than a red lip. From Marilyn Monroe to Madonna, the perfect red lip has been the epitome of glamour for decades. But how do you choose a red lipstick that suits you? From skin tone to hair colour, in this blog we discuss everything you need to know when getting the perfect pout. So whether you’re more of an orangey-red or a bluey-crimson, let’s find your perfect red lipstick.

What's my skin tone?

Skin tones generally come under 3 different types, cool, neutral and warm. But how do you know which skin tone is yours? Well, if you tend to burn easily, or suit silver jewellery more than gold, it’s likely that you have a cool skin tone. Alternatively, if you tan easily and love to rock a bit of gold bling, then you probably have a warm skin tone.

Finally, if you’re able to wear both gold and silver jewellery, then you have a neutral skin tone. This basically means you can wear any statement lip and still look fab!

Perfect Red Lipstick Coll Skin Tone

The best red lipsticks for cool skin tones

If you do have a cool skin tone, then red lipsticks with blue or purple undertones will suit you beautifully.Be sure to stay clear of more orangey reds, as these will leave you looking washed out.

Perfect Red Lipstick Warm Skin Tone

The best red lipsticks for warm skin tones

For those of you with warm and olive skin tones, you’ll suit bright, rosy reds or red lipsticks with orangey undertones. These will complement the golden tone of your skin - great for a glamorous evening look.

Perfect Red Lipstick Darker Skin Tone

The best red lipsticks for darker skin tones

Blessed with a stunning, darker skin tone? Luckily for you, your skin can handle the more dramatic, deeper reds such as berry red and wine red.

The best red lipsticks for blondes

The red lipstick has always been a classic for blondes – hello, Marilyn! As a rule, blondes should always veer towards more muted reds, with peachy, pink and coral undertones. However, if you’re pale and blonde, it’s best to stick to a classic red with bluey undertones.

The best red lipsticks for brunettes

Beautiful brunettes are lucky, as they tend to get away with most shades of red. For something more flattering though, we’d always recommend choosing the deeper, more berry and burgundy reds.

The best red lipsticks for redheads

As many redheads have pale skin, the best red lipsticks tend to have bluey undertones. This can be quite a dramatic look, though, so for a softer, more daytime shade why not try a red lippy with pink berry tones.

How to apply lipstick properly

When it comes to perfectly applying your red lipstick, there are 5 simple steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Start by priming your lips with a hydrating lip balm.

Step 2: Gently apply your foundation over your lips. This neutral base will help to keep you red lip looking vivid.

Step 3: Line your lips with a matching lip liner.

Step 4: Using an angled brush, use small strokes to slowly apply your lippy.

Step 5: To finish, gently dust a powder to set your colour.

Should I wear a matte, sheer or glossy red lipstick?

This completely depends on your style and preference. A matte red lipstick paired with minimal eye make-up can be a bold day-to-night look. Alternatively, a glossy vampy red oozes glamour, and would be perfect for an evening out.

Ready to rock your perfect red lipstick? From discovering your skin tone to matching your hair colour with your pout, we hope our guide has helped you to find your dream red lip.