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Our 4-Step Hand Care Routine for Softer Hands

From washing them for the umpteenth time to typing up that all-important email, your hands are busier than ever. But if you’re noticing dry or cracked patches, then it might be time to up the ante with your hand care routine and start looking after the dry skin on your hands. To help, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow 4-step hand care routine that’ll leave your hands feeling super-soft and healthy.

Wash Hands

1. Choose a nourishing hand wash

Washing your hands with the wrong soap is a common cause of dry skin. Many hand washes can be overly scented and drying, often with a pH imbalance. Instead, look for a hand wash that’s infused with nourishing ingredients, such as vitamin E, shea butter or rose extract. And if you struggle with sensitive skin, always make sure your soap is pH balanced - it’ll be kinder to your hands.

Cuticle Oil

2. Use cuticle oil morning & night

If you’re prone to dry hands, then you’ll probably suffer with cuticles that easily tear and end up feeling sore. To give them a helping hand, start by massaging cuticle oil into your fingertips morning and night. Don’t have cuticle oil? Alternatives like coconut oil and olive oil will lock-in the moisture just as well, so try using those instead.

Hand Cream

3. Moisturise your hands regularly

Regular washing can remove your skin’s natural oils, and that’s why it’s so important to replace them with a hydrating hand cream. When choosing your hand cream always look out for hydrating ingredients, like coconut oil, glycerin and Cannabis Sativa - these will lock-in moisture, soothe irritation and keep your hands free from dryness between washes.

4. Treat your hands to overnight hydration

To combat really dry skin, try treating your hands to overnight intense hydration. It’s easy enough to do; before bed, simply coat your hands in a thick layer of your favourite hand cream and wear a pair of gloves while you sleep. In the morning, massage the remaining hand cream and enjoy your new and improved, super-soft hands throughout the day.

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