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Say Hello to Catrin Pugh: Star of Stand4Her

Say hello to Catrin Pugh, the face of our 2019 beauty campaign, survivor and charity campaigner. A fully fledged inspirational woman, she’s also the star of stand4her.

Catrin Pugh

With the launch of our brand-new Nudes collection and our stand4her initiative, we decided to team up with someone who’s just as committed to our beliefs as we are. Someone who’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, and truly loving yourself - Catrin Pugh.

Who is Catrin?

Six years ago, Catrin was in a tragic accident that left her with 96% burns across her face and body. This lifechanging event saw Catrin become an ambassador for charity Changing Faces, to make a difference to how people with visible differences are treated. In support of her amazing work, and as part of our stand4her programme, we’ve become the first beauty brand to sign Changing Faces’ pledge to represent more people with visible differences in beauty.

What is Stand4Her?

Did you know that 60% of women feel pressured to meet a certain beauty standard*? It’s a shocking stat that really got us all thinking, and that’s where stand4her comes in. From body confidence to domestic violence, stand4her is a new initiative that tackles the difficult topics many women face. So whether they lack the confidence to rock their fave lippy, or struggle with employment, we’re here to challenge the norm and support our ladies.

“For people with a visible difference, the beauty counter can be an intimidating place to go…” – Catrin Pugh

The power of beauty

A huge fan of make-up, Catrin has admitted that she often struggled with places like beauty counters after her accident. Why? Because of the traditional beauty ideals that many brands champion.

“I want to send out the message that it’s ok to be different, and that true beauty is about being proud to be yourself.” – Catrin Pugh


Catrin is one of the nine faces of our Nudes beauty campaign, which focuses on being true to yourself, whatever beauty means to you. She’ll be joined by a host of diverse faces including male beauty icon, Gary Thompson (AKA The Plastic Boy), Lucia Whitehouse (Grandmother Pukka), and TV personality Megan Barton Hanson So make sure you keep an eye out for exciting videos, as well as top tips on how to embrace your own meaning of beauty.

We’re so excited to have Catrin joining us, embracing our differences and challenging the traditional beauty types that have been a part of industry for so long. It’s time to be your authentic self and truly love who you are – whatever that is.

Want to learn more? Follow Catrin on Instagram and check out our stand4her Causes page.

*Based on research of 14,400 adult women in 15 countries (UK, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, South Africa) from 28th of September to 24th of October 2018