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Summer Skincare Tips

Getting a stunning glow this summer is on everyone’s minds as we head into the hot weather. Although many of us love to look glowy and sun-kissed and enjoy the sun’s positive effect on our moods, exposure to the sun’s rays can harm our skin and overall health.

In this article, we look at some of the most important summer skincare tips to help make sure your summer skin stays hydrated and sun-kissed this season, rather than dried out and sunburnt.

How to take care of your skin

With the weather becoming hotter, drier and sunnier, it’s essential we properly care for our skin in the summer. Not only are we contending with conditions outside, but we’re also increasingly exposed to drier air indoors, as air conditioning units keep interiors comfortably cool. This means your skincare routine will likely need adapting to combat changing environments.

Everyday skincare routines include cleansing to remove make-up and impurities, toning skin to tighten pores, and moisturising to help give you a plump-looking, healthy glow. But in the summer, you’ll also need to remember the crucial step of including SPF.

Ideally, your skincare routine should include sunscreen all year round, but this is vitally important in the summer. We recommend applying SPF30 or higher on your face every day to help avoid the signs of ageing and protect yourself from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Forgetting to apply SPF during summer can not only damage the texture and complexion of your skin but significantly increase your chances of developing skin cancer. If you’re particularly fair-skinned, have lots of moles or freckles, or have a family history of melanoma, you’re at an increased risk of developing skin cancer. You can read more professional medical advice on this topic here.

Summer skincare - model applying cream to her shoulder.
Summer skincare - model on wicker seat with palm in background.

How to build out your summer skincare routine

We recommend cleansing your face first during the hotter summer months using a moisturising cleanser such as the Planet Spa Oriental Awakening Balancing Facial Cleanser. Moisturising cleansers are better at this time of year as they help replenish the moisture lost from your skin in the heat. Follow up with a toner and an intensive moisturiser like the Anew Platinum Day Lifting Cream.

Most dermatologists' skincare routines change over the summer to adapt to the heat and help avoid any skin damage from the sun's rays. Try to wear sunscreen every day of the year, even if it’s just applying a moisturiser or foundation with SPF, such as True Nutra Effects Radiance Tinted Moisturiser or Flawless Match Natural Finish Foundation. During the summer, it's best to apply a dedicated sunscreen specifically made for the face.

Apply a thin layer of a good quality facial sunscreen with a high SPF, such as Avon Care Sun Shine Control SPF50 Facial Sun Cream. It’s an ideal option for anyone spending a small amount of time out in the sun during the summer. It’s worthwhile building this highly protective step into your daily summer skincare routine regardless of your plans for the day. It’ll ensure you’re always protected.

Extra summer skincare essentials

Our summer skincare essentials range from glow-giving products to aftersun lotions, intense moisturisers, to daily sunscreens.

The hot summer sun paired with air conditioning indoors can wreak havoc, drying out your skin. One of our favourite summer skincare essentials is the Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray. This lightweight,spray is easy and quick to apply – simply spritz gently across your body in the morning, before bed and when coming indoors from the sun.

The dehydrating effect of the sun on our skin can increase our chances of developing fine lines and wrinkles. The best way to beat this is by using anti-ageing skincare products to ensure skin retains its moisture and elasticity. Help keep wrinkles at bay with the Anew Anti-Wrinkle Smoothing Serum – apply to the face and neck, morning and night for best results.

SPF is essential to wear on your face as this is where we’re likely to catch the sun most often and start to show the first signs of ageing. The Avon Care Sun Shine Control SPF30 Facial Sun Cream offers shine control technology underneath your make-up without giving your face a shiny appearance.

Summer skincare - model applies cream to her legs with plant in the background.
Summer skincare - model applying moisturiser to arm.

Summer skincare tips

As well as applying moisturising products, there are other tips you can follow to help keep your skin in tip-top condition this season.

Firstly, remember to apply and reapply sunscreen regularly throughout the day, especially after swimming in the sea or pool. It can be tricky to thoroughly apply a layer of sunscreen to every part of your skin when you’re out and on the go.

Apply all-over

If you’re wearing a swimsuit or bikini, we recommend applying a layer of sunscreen all over your body before getting dressed, then reapplying at regular intervals throughout the day. This way, you can be assured your skin has at least one layer of sunscreen, minimising your risk of ending up with patches of burnt skin.

Healthcare experts also advise sitting in shaded areas between 11am and 3pm and covering up with clothing and sunglasses.

Stay nourished

In addition to sun protection, invest in a good vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is great for skin all year round, especially during the summer months. As well as improving skin brightness and texture, vitamin C helps protect your skin against hyperpigmentation – often caused by sun exposure. We recommend adding a few drops of Anew Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum to your moisturiser every morning to provide extra protection from sun damage.

Summer skincare - model applies cream to her shoulder.
Summer skincare- model reclines on leather seat.

Keep cool

There's nothing worse than feeling sticky and overheated on hot days, so a cooling spray or roll-on is a great solution to help you feel fresh on the go. Simply apply this roll-on to areas where you’re experiencing overheating or irritation, and let the cooling menthol and nourishing ingredients soothe skin instantly.

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