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6 Ways to Fuller Eyelashes

Finding it hard to fake fuller looking lashes without reaching for the falsies? Prepare to have your eyes opened! These innovative make-up hacks and must-have new products will take your eyelashes from flimsy to full in five.

Treat them well

Your lashes are pretty resilient - but similar to the hair on your head, they need treating, caring for and conditioning to look and feel their best. If you’re looking to achieve fuller, natural-looking lashes, some of the following tips might be useful:

  • Always remember to take off all remnants of mascara before you go to bed. Not removing it properly can cause infection and irritation, as well as drying your lashes out and making them weaker.
  • Avoid dyeing or tinting your lashes too often.
  • Give your natural eyelashes breaks from falsies or extensions. These treatments can cause your lashes to become brittle and sparse.
  • Be careful with the eyelash curler - never curl wet lashes or lashes with mascara on.
  • Indulge in regrowth serums and conditioning treatments.
  • Never trim your lashes.
Mascara is a Must

Mascara is a must

If there’s one product that truly has our back when achieving fuller, natural-looking lashes, it has to be mascara. The modern world of make-up is packed with options when it comes to lashes – but there are a few products that’ll help you on your way to length and volume.

Mascara has evolved massively in recent years, and there are countless primers, lengthening products, and topcoats that promise nothing short of miracles. One tried and tested product we love is the Ultra Volume Mascara. This hero product boasts an innovative elasto-stretch formula, which extends and thickens your natural lashes. Its flake and clump-free formula – combined with a unique spiral-shaped lash-extender brush – make for a winning combo when applied to curled lashes.


Walk the line

Kohl, liquid, pencil, gel. Eyeliners come in all shapes and sizes. Pencils are great to use on the lower and upper lash lines, as they make your eyes appear larger and more defined.

Smaller, deep-set eyes appear awakened with a slick of white eyeliner on the lower lash line. This clever trick gives the illusion of larger, whiter, and brighter peepers – clever stuff!

Black kohl or pencil liners add an instant smoky, sultry vibe to any look. For a grungy, smouldering appeal, try smudging black eyeliner into your upper lashes – it’ll make your lashes look fuller and your eyes bigger.

Staying on the upper lash line, one of the most popular beauty trends in modern make-up is statement or winged eyeliner. Nailing that perfect winged look is pretty easy if you’re using the right products, plus it’s a look that flatters pretty much every eye shape.

Wingin’ it

1. Start by picking up a good quality black liquid liner – pens are great for beginners as they’re easy to hold and control. We love the Super Definition Eyeliner.

2. Begin your perfect flick from the inner corner of your eye and draw a fine black line directly above your upper eyelashes, carefully following the natural shape of your eyelid. You’ll want to get this line as close as possible to your lashes, especially if you want to achieve a natural look that makes lashes look fuller.

3. If you find it tricky to draw a line or keep your hand steady, create a series of dots and join them together.

4. When you come to the outer corners of your eyes (where the ‘flick’ will be), you’ve got two options. You can work from the inner eye outwards – gradually working out and shaping your liner into a wing – or you can work outwards in. Working outwards in is the best method to slay a flawless flick. Start by drawing a diagonal line out to act as the wing. Next, make a straight line from the tip to your eyelid. Finally, fill in the gap to achieve a sultry look.

5. Remember to keep an angled make-up brush and concealer to hand to neaten and sculpt that flawless finish.

Add a little sparkle!

Once you’ve lined and defined your peepers, try popping a highlighter or shimmer eyeshadow into the inner corners of your eyes where your tear ducts are. Not only will this give you a glowy, fresh-faced look, but it’ll also open up and brighten your eyes, perfectly showcasing your luscious lashes.

Define your brows

Yes, you heard us correctly! These tips may be focused around perfecting your lashes, but a big part of successfully pulling off a voluminous yet natural eyelash look is about making sure that your eyes – and their surrounding areas – are accentuated and dressed to kill.

Defining, sculpting and shading your eyebrows with a brow pencil, powder or gel (teamed with a little concealer to really carve out that perfect arch), will frame your eyes perfectly, making them pop and stand out from your other features.

The Micro Fine Brow Pencil pencil is perfect for adding definition and sculpting a natural-looking arch. Its precise tip allows you to shade in sparse patches while maintaining a natural-looking finish. Draw soft, short lines within patchy eyebrows to mimic hair, and blend where necessary with a spoolie brush.

Nailing a fuller lash look is much easier than it sounds. Using tried and tested techniques, knowing your eye shape, and using a few staple products are all you need. So, skip the salon, slash the cost, and slay the lashes game!