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What is K-Beauty?

Not sure what K-Beauty is? In our latest blog, we’re talking all about what K-Beauty is & how you can introduce it to your everyday skincare routine.

So, what is Korean Beauty (or K-Beauty, for short)? Essentially, it’s a range of skincare and beauty products inspired by South Korean trends that originated in Seoul. With products like snail slime, bubble cleansers and kitsch face masks, K-Beauty has made waves in the world of skincare, and we can’t get enough of it.

How is it different?

The real question is how is it not? K-Beauty is a whole different way of looking at skincare. Forget about cleanse, tone and moisturise, a K-Beauty routine involves a minimum of 10 steps. It’s all about achieving youthful, dewy skin that looks amazing without make-up. A totally different approach to the UK, which tends to be all about how you can cover up blemishes.

K-Beauty SPF

SPF is life

Unlike us, South Koreans are all about staying out of the sun – in fact, a golden summer tan is a definite no-no. Because of this, SPF plays a huge part of their skincare routine, and it’s not uncommon to find whole shelves of SPF products in the beauty shops of Seoul. Here at Avon, many of our day moisturisers feature high SPFs, allowing you to easily incorporate this K-Beauty technique into your skincare routine.

K-Beauty Products

It's a lifestyle

K-Beauty is focused on gently nurturing your skin with a consistent, and personalised, routine. It’s not about a quick fix for instant results, and you should expect to play the long game when it comes to achieving the signature healthy, glowing and hydrated look that’s associated with K-Beauty.

Ready for the 10 steps

Tempted to trial the K-Beauty skincare routine? Here are the 10 steps to beautiful looking skin:

1. Remove make-up

For things like mascara and stubborn eye make-up, an oil-based cleanser is kinder to your skin and reduces the amount of rubbing.

2. Cleanse again

Yep, a second cleanse. Water-based cleansers dissolve impurities like dirt and sweat, which can clog pores.

3. Exfoliate

Regular exfoliation (once or twice a week) will help to wash away dead skin cells, leaving you with brighter and smoother skin.


A toner will help to prep your skin for hydration, allowing it to better absorb moisturisers and serums.

5. Essence

Totally South Korean, an essence tends to be a blend of hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients that helps skin cell turnover. Think retinol and glycolic acid.

6. Boosters & serums

This is usually unique to you and your skin type. So, whether it’s vitamin C for a brighter complexion or hyaluronic acid for dry skin, you need to choose the right treatment for you.

7. Sheet masks

K-Beauty sheets masks are often super-cute, featuring panda or tiger faces. But they’re also super-effective, featuring key ingredients that work to keep your skin looking amazing. 

8. Eye cream

The skin around your eyes is incredibly delicate, and is often the place where you first notice wrinkles. Treat yourself to an eye cream that both hydrates and prevents the signs of ageing.

9. Moisturise

Lock in your skin’s moisture and smooth out fine lines by gently applying a rich moisturiser. We’d recommend gently tapping until its absorbed – this will help to stop your skin stretching out!

10. SPF!

Like we said, SPF is the be all and end all of K-Beauty. Keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays, and invest in a light sun cream.

Is K-Beauty for you?

With detailed skincare routines and super-cute packaging, we can’t help but love everything about it!