Your Beauty Guide to Shopping on Black Friday

Your Guide to Shopping Beauty on Black Friday

 In today’s world of online shopping, Black Friday deals are bigger and better than ever and not only that, being online means they’re also more accessible. In the digital age, price comparison between similar items from different stockists is now simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home - a real blessing for savvy searchers hunting the best deals during the current cost of living crisis.

Black Friday was originally coined in 1960s America when crowds of tourists would attend the annual Army and Navy football match in Philadelphia and stay in great swathes to do their Christmas shopping, causing the police to dub it “Black Friday”.

But with the rise of online shopping, gone are the days of shoppers camping outside stores and battling through busy crowds trying to find exactly what they were looking for and trying to bag the best deals before they sold out

Here we give you of the industry’s top tips for bagging the best Black Friday beauty deals.

Black Friday Beauty Deals 2022

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are only available once a year, it’s a great time to stock up on your favourite, most frequently used and most expensive luxury beauty items. Expect to pay the lowest prices of the year.

Traditionally landing on the Friday after Thanksgiving, 2022’s Black Friday deals will peak on Friday 25th November. But, as in recent years, the likelihood is that many retailers will offer Black Friday deals much earlier, meaning you may be able to bag deals throughout November.

Last year many big brand names offered price drops which added up to hundreds of thousands of pounds for those shoppers really looking to save with Black Friday. Although we can’t say for certain what deals will be available this year, it would be fair to expect some great bargains again.

Can you get Black Friday deals online?

In short, yes, of course, you can. Whilst Black Friday sales are still readily available in most high street stores, by far the easiest place to access them is the online. It’s the best place to easily compare prices and means you beat the hustle and bustle of the high street.

A top tip for buying beauty on Black Friday is to make sure you already have an account with the brand you’re shopping with. This means you can add items to your basket and purchase them quickly, before other shoppers, and save time filling out your details at checkout. Remember – deals often sell out fast and every second counts!

You could also consider signing up to your favourite retailers’ newsletters to be first to hear about their Black Friday deals. This is a great way to avoid disappointment, especially when trying to secure some top items such as gift setsfragrancesfashion accessories and toiletries, whether they are for yourself or a Christmas gift.

Digital Commerce 360 estimate that Amazon’s Prime Day in July this year was 8.1% bigger than it’s 2021 equivalent, making it the biggest to date. It’s highly likely that Amazon’s 2022 Black Friday will attract a similar, if not even bigger level of attention and where Amazon lead, other online retailers will likely follow.

In 2021 Amazon started its early Black Friday sales event on Friday 19th November and it’s predicted they’ll start just as early in 2022. It’s a good tip to look out for deals starting early with other retailers too. Armed with this advice, you should now find yourself in a position to secure the best items for the lowest possible prices for Black Friday 2022.

Black Friday comes at the perfect time of year, creating the opportunity for families to stock up on the perfect Christmas gifts for discounted prices. For more information about Avon’s Black Friday deals, sign up to our mailing list for offers straight to your inbox so you can get your Christmas shopping done in plenty of time and put your feet up well ahead of the big day.