Your Guide to Longer-Lasting Fragrance

You might choose your fragrance because of the memories or emotions it conveys, or simply because you want to change things up. Once you’ve picked your new Avon scent, you can use a few easy tricks to provide longer-lasting fragrance throughout the day.

Fragrances can evoke strong emotions and memories. From your first date to your fave birthday night out, it can take you back to that time. You want your scent to last as long as your memories, so making your fragrance stay with you all day (or all night) can be a challenge, but not anymore!

Always spray on moisturised skin

Before you reach for your perfume, take a few moments to moisturise your skin. Try using the fragrance’s accompanying body lotion. The fragrance’s notes will adhere directly to the moisturising product. This is called scent layering and it will help the fragrance to last longer on your skin. Don’t be afraid to add a layer of the cream on your arms, chest, legs and neck.

Start in the shower

Rather than reach for your perfume as you’re heading out the door, start the scent journey in the shower. Use the scented, moisturising body lotion to enjoy soft, supple skin all day whilst layering the scent of your fragrance onto your skin.

Hit the pulse points

Spritz your favourite scent onto your pulse points, these are areas with veins close to the skin’s surface that generates heat to accentuate those beautiful fragrance notes. Whether that’s the nape of your neck, on your wrists, behind the ears, inside your elbow or even behind your knees (yes really!), you’ll be enjoying the fragrance all day long.

A quick hair spirtz

Did you know that hair absorbs fragrances so every time you tousle your hair, it will release a delicate infusion of your stunning scent. Just one spritz is enough as this won’t dry out your hair, but your fragrance will stay.

Your signature scent can last as long as you do, but if you need a quick top-up on-the-go a handy purse spray will be your new BFF. Find your perfect scent that makes a lasting impression.