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Did you know?

Most people who suffer due to metal allergens believe they are allergic to Nickel but, following in-depth research, AnchorCert Analytical identified a number of different elements that can cause an allergic reaction.
AnchorCert Analytical then developed a revolutionary test called AnchorCert Pro. This test measures the levels of the 16 metal allergens that could be present in jewellery, to ensure each of them will not cause an allergic reaction in your skin.


Who are AnchorCert Analytical?

AnchorCert Analytical is a division of the Birmingham Assay Office which itself was formed in 1773.

AnchorCert Analytical has become one of the UK’s leading test laboratories for the analysis of precious metals and product safety compliance.

What does AnchorCert Pro test for?

The AnchorCert Pro testing method identifies and measures a number of elements including Nickel, Cobalt and Chromium along with others which have been identified as skin sensitizers such as Chromium IV, to ensure they do not cause ACD (Allergic Contact Dermatitis).

This is in addition to the regulatory compliance to REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) for Nickel and General Product Safety Regulations for Jewellery from a skin sensitization point of view. No other currently known test method has this distinction.

How do I know which products have been tested?

The AnchorCert Protect logo is your reassurance that our jewellery and watches have passed the AnchorCert Pro test and can be considered kind to skin. From July 2021, you will see the AnchorCert logo featured in the brochure and online.

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