Far Away Beyond The Moon.

Shine bright with Far Away Beyond The Moon, a new luxury, long-lasting parfum. Powered by the unique Belle de Nuit flower, a nocturnal flower that blooms in moonlight, and enhanced with a mesmerising blend of wild cherry and Australian sandalwood, for an intensely hypnotic experience.

Far Away Beyond The Moon.

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A floral and oriental fragrance that captures the endless fascination and enchantment of the moon with its mysterious luminosity and elegance.


Our Far Away Collection

Far Away Fragrance.
Beyond Fragrance.
Endless Sun Fragrance.
Far Away Rebel Fragrance.
Rebel & Diva Fragrance.
Glamour Fragrance.
Aurora Fragrance.
Splendoria Fragrance.

Original and unforgettable: a spritz of our Far Away fragrances transport you to a land of exotic glamour, with rich blends and luscious scent combinations across a variety of EDTs, EDPs and body sprays. Feeling rebellious? Try Far Away Rebel. Or take it up a level with the daringly confident Far Away Rebel & Diva.


Add to your Far Away collection or treat someone special to our Far Away gift sets -including a perfume, body lotion and purse spray. By layering different products with the same scent, you'll help the fragrance last throughout the day.

Layer on before perfume to help scents last even longer.

Spritz onto pulse points to enjoy the scent’s full effect.

Pop into your bag or hand-luggage for a top-up of opulence on the go.

Far Away Fragrance Bundles.

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