The World’s Bestselling Fragrance Brand

Based on GlobalData analysis that shows Avon’s sold 232.4 million units of fragrance in 2019 more than the next two largest players Chanel and Natura which sold approximately 139.4 million and 111.0 million units, respectively.

  • The time period for the research is full calendar years. So 2019 runs from January 1st through to December 30th, inclusive
  • Volume is defined as units (bottles, cannisters, etc.) sold to end consumers; in the case of coffrets, discovery packs or giftsets, the main unit, rather than the individual components, are counted
  • All calculations are based on sales to consumers only; business-to-business sales are excluded as are any products provided free by hospitality firms; free samples are also excluded from the analysis
  • For the purpose of this work, fragrances means any product which is intended to be applied to a person’s body to impart a desirable odor or aroma. This includes colognes, perfumes, and fragrance mists of all formulations and concentrations. Fragrance for both men and women is included.
  • The following are excluded from the scope:
    • General cosmetics and skincare products which are fragranced, such as body creams, lotions, etc.
    • All fragranced personal hygiene products such as soaps, body washes, etc.
    • Fragranced products for purposes other than to create a desirable odor – e.g. insect repellants
    • Fragranced haircare products including shampoos, conditioners, styling products, etc.
    • Home fragrance and scents
    • Fragranced clothes care and other household products