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How to Get the Eyebrows of Your Dreams

They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but we think a pair of balanced, bold eyebrows really finish off your look to perfection. If you’ve not been blessed with Cara Delevingne’s bounteous brows, or went a little overboard with the tweezers, it can be daunting knowing how to create that perfect arch.

But fear not, our ultimate brow guide has all the tips, tricks and products you need to fake the perfect brows.

What’s the big deal about brows?

Imagine a picture without a frame – it looks nice, but a little incomplete. A face with sparse eyebrows looks similarly unfinished, no matter how perfect the rest of your make-up is. You may not notice the brows at all, but the perfect eyebrows elevate your look, allowing your eyes and lips to shine like the stars they are. Think of them like a supportive bra.

Where do I start?

First, you need to decide on the eyebrow look you want to create. Do you want the full on celebrity eyebrow, or just enhance what Mother Nature gave you? To create the eyebrow look you want, you need to choose your tools carefully. Generally, a pencil or powder will give a softer, more natural look, whilst a pen or gel will give a bolder, more eye-catching finish.

Applying Eyebrow Product
Eyebrow Product

How to create natural eyebrows

Let’s start with the basics: a naturally enhanced brow. A soft, blendable pencil like the Micro Fine Brow Pencil or mark. Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil is your best friend for natural-looking brow definition. Simply fill in any sparse areas using light feathery strokes, working up and out in the natural direction of the hair, and you’re done. If in doubt between two shades, choose the lighter one for the most subtle look.

How to create bold brows

To step up from naturally defined brows, you could try the Ombre Brow Palette. This technique is easy once you’ve mastered it, but does take a little practice to perfect. Use an Eyebrow Duo Brush to apply the powder along your brows, then use the spoolie end to draw wax through your brows to set them in place.

How to create celebrity eyebrows

For the boldest, celebrity-style brows, you need to up the ante with a gel or pen. Use a pen, such as the mark. Brow Tattoo Micro Styler to fill in any gaps, then gradually add more colour around your brows to pump up the volume. The triple tip of the pen mimics the tattoo-like micro blading look, minus the pain.

Alternatively, using a brush and pomade pot gives a bold brow look that lasts – it’s really down to preference. Avon’s Power Stay 24 Hour Brow Pomade has a fine point to create the perfect shape and fill your brows using short, light strokes to mimic natural hairs

Cheat the perfect brow

If you aren’t sure what shape eyebrow to choose, or simply fancy a new look, eyebrow stencils help you quickly and easily try out a new shape. Simply place these flexible stencils over your natural eyebrow and fill in, we recommend a brow pencil such as the Dual-Ended Brow Pencil for the neatest finish. Flip it over to draw on the other side and you’re good to go!

Eyebrow pencil drawn on brown background.
Close up of model applying eyebrow pencil.

Find the right brow shape for your face

The perfect brow shape can make all the difference, and it’s important you choose the right shape for your face. If you want to know which is best for you, follow these tried and tested rules.

Best brow shape for a round face

If you’ve got a slightly rounder face, like popstar beauty Selena Gomez, then having rounded brows will only make your face appear wider. Instead, try adding a slightly lifted arch and a lengthened tail to your brow shape, as this will help to create the illusion that you’ve got a longer face and slimmer jawline. You should also avoid angular brow shapes, as these sharp edges won’t complement your features.

Best brow shape for a square face

Similarly, with a square face like Demi Lovato, a softly lifted arch and lengthened brow tail will help to elongate your features, making your jawline appear narrower. Try to avoid flat eyebrows, though, as these may leave your face looking wider.

Best brow shape for a long face

Blessed with a long face shape like Sarah Jessica Parker? Then opt for a flatter curved brow with a longer tail. This brow trick will help to create the illusion that your face is slightly shorter and wider at the temples. Top tip? Don’t add height to your brows, as this could make your face look longer and narrower.

Don’t forget tweezers

Once you’ve nailed your perfect brow shape, you can tweeze away any stray hairs, to make it easier to get the right look next time.

We’ve made it easy to take your brows from meh to wow with the aid of a few simple products. Even if you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows in the past, you can still have perfectly defined arches so natural-looking, everyone will think you were born with them. Why not browse our selection of expert eyebrow tools, and step up your eyebrow game today?