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Your Guide to Make-Up Brushes

Today, make-up brush sets can contain anything from five to ten or more types of brushes, so you’d be forgiven for wondering where to start. With at least one brush for every stage of your make-up routine, you could spend many hours trying to become an expert in how to use each brush to get the look you want. To help you, we created this simple guide to make-up brushes down into the essential tips and tricks.

Whether you’re looking for a kabuki brush set guide or are wondering how to use different types of brushes, you’ll find everything you need here to apply make-up like a pro.

Make-up brush next to highlighter powder

How to use face make-up brushes

When applying foundation, bronzer and blusher, it’s all about getting even coverage over your whole face and highlighting your natural face shape and skin complexion. The larger brushes in your set are perfect for this purpose. Usually wide and rounded at the top, they have dense bristles to help you gain flawless coverage quickly.

Traditionally used by Japanese stage actors, kabuki brushes are dense, firm bristle brushes that are usually large and perfect for any foundation.

Increasingly popular amongst beauty enthusiasts, different movements with the kabuki brushes are easy to perform depending on the type of product you’re using. For example, stippling (patting) and swirling motions are used for creams and liquids, while loose powders require buffing.

Alternatively, you can choose a brush that’s most suitable for the type of foundation you prefer to use. For example, a buffing brush is ideal for liquid or cream foundations that you need to (as you might have guessed) buff and blend into your skin. In contrast, a domed brush is excellent for applying loose or firm powder foundations or even blushers.

Different angled brushes might also help you get precise, even coverage and highlight certain parts of your face. For example, an angled blush brush is handy for applying bronzer, blusher or highlighter to your cheekbones, nose or forehead. Fan brushes are a must-have if you love the highlighted look. Additionally, flat foundation or concealer brushes are more petite, firmer and ideal for providing good coverage where you need it most.

How to use an eyebrow brush

Eyebrow brushes are a handy and essential addition to your make-up kit because they add shape and fullness. If you’ve thought about what brush to use for eyebrow pomade, liner or creme, it’s time for you to invest in a dual-ended eyebrow brush. It will help tame your brows and get them into place just with gel, wax, or any other product you have so that you can complete your look.

Using the plastic comb end of a Eyebrow Duo Brush, you can brush through your brows, taming them or brushing them upwards for a fuller brow. Then you can use the bristle end (which can be angled) to apply your favourite brow products to give you extra accuracy.

Make up brushes of different sizes in a row

How to use an eyeshadow brush

Knowing what the must-have eyeshadow blending brushes are for you depends entirely on the type of look you want. An eyeshadow brush will allow you to effortlessly blend shades and contour your crease line as much as you need to achieve a statement look. You can even use it to quickly glide on a dash of colour across your lids to freshen up your eyes.

Alternatively, if you want to create a smoky or softer look, an eyeshadow brush with a smudger allows you to blend kohl eyeliner into your eyeshadow or add touches of colour or brightness with gel eyeshadows more easily.

Eyeliner brushes are also crucial to achieving the type of look you want. You can use an angled eyeliner brush to apply gel or liquid liners accurately and precisely. It will help you get into the corners and creases of your eye smoothly and consistently. Depending on how bold you want to go, you can use the whole brush or just the tip to add shape and intensity. A dual-ended angled eyeliner brush is perfect for creating either a soft, smoky or crisp liner look depending on your mood for even more precision and control.

How to use lip brushes

Lip brushes make it easier to apply products flawlessly and add shape and colour to your lips. Choosing an angled lip brush means you get a two-in-one solution to applying shape and colour to your lips.

How to use a lip liner brush

To get the precise shape and definition you’re looking for with your lip liner, you must use only the tip of the brush. Tap the tip of your brush into your product and then use it to follow your lip’s outline. Make sure you pick up extra product with your brush before lining your Cupid’s bow and the corners of your mouth as these are the trickiest and most crease-prone parts of the lip.

How to use a lip brush with lipstick

The way you apply lipstick with a lip brush can transform your entire look. To start, use the wide head of your brush with the tip pointing towards the top and corners of your mouth when you’re applying colour to the fullest part of your lips. Next, apply some of your lipstick or gloss to the wide head of your brush, open your mouth into an ‘O’ shape and move the brush from the top of your Cupid’s bow down one half of your top lip. Repeat with the other half of your top lip before moving onto your bottom lip. Reapply product as required and don’t be shy as this will help you get the best crease-free coverage and colour.

Make up brushes in a row on pink background

Choose the right make-up brushes for you

In the past, manufacturers relied on animal-derived materials to make make-up brushes. We decided long ago that we cannot compromise animal welfare to meet our customers’ needs.

At Avon, we’ve decided to make all of our make-up brushes vegan, which means they all use synthetic fibres. So no matter which brush you choose to buy, you can guarantee that it will be 100% vegan-friendly and designed to give a flawless finish.

Explore our complete collection here today and make sure you keep your brushes in tip-top condition with our handy guide on cleaning your make-up brushes.