Your Guide to Make-Up Brushes

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the current make-up brush situation. Long gone are the days of simply having just a handful of brushes – now you’re looking at least one brush for every stage of your beauty routine. To take you from make-up lover to make-up artist, we’ve put together a simple guide. From your face to your lips, here’s everything you need to know to apply make-up like a pro.

Make-Up Brushes For Your Face

Make-up brushes for your face

Kabuki brush - 108

A kabuki brush is perfect for when you’re applying blending powders and bronzers. With its densely-packed bristles, the kabuki brush delivers full coverage for a natural, flawless look – without that caked-on feel!

Buffing foundation brush - 104

As its name suggests, this vegan foundation brush buffs liquid or powder foundation into your skin. And with its flat head and fine bristles, you won’t be left with streaks or the tell-tale foundation neck lines, just gorgeous even-looking skin.

Make-Up Brushes For Your Eyes

Make-up brushes for your eyes

Dual-ended eyebrow brush - 205

Tame, shape and fill your brows with a dual-ended eyebrow brush. Using the spoolie end, you can brush through your brows, taming them or brushing them upwards for a bushier brow. You can also fill out your brows with a colour using the angled bristle end, this will create the effect of a fuller-looking brow with the precision you’d expect from a make-up artist.

Eyeshadow blending brush - 201

Designed to layer and blend eyeshadow for a seamless application, this eyeshadow brush makes creating eye-catching looks a breeze. For a flawless finish, simply swirl your brush over your eyeshadow, tap away the excess and then glide across your eye lids.

Make-Up Brushes For Your Lips

Make-up brushes for your lips

Angled lip brush - 301

With angled bristles, this lip make-up brush makes applying lipstick and gloss a dream. From defining your Cupid’s bow to lining your lips and filling them in with colour, this make-up brush is ideal for creating the perfect pout.

Vegan make-up brushes

In the past, make-up brushes have been made with materials derived from animals. To stay cruelty free, we’ve decided to make all of our make-up brushes vegan and cruelty-free, using synthetic fibres instead. So from your foundation brush to your eyebrow spoolie, you can be rest assured that your Avon make-up brushes are 100% vegan-friendly.

Looking for another type of make-up brush? Explore our full collection here today. And if you’re not sure how to keep your brushes in tip-top condition, read our handy guide on cleaning your make-up brushes.