Your Skincare Guide For Mature Skin

The best skincare for mature skin isn’t necessarily just about anti-ageing properties. As we age, our skin becomes thinner and more fragile. Hydrating your skin and avoiding skincare acids found in toners, peels, and exfoliating facial scrubs can help protect your skin.

We're looking at gentler products to care for mature skin, as well as the best anti-ageing skincare tips and tricks and the best organic products and options for those on a budget to help you maintain a youthful glow. Ready? Let's glow!

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Anti-ageing skincare for mature skin

The skincare routine for anyone with ageing skin will follow more or less the same standard steps as in any other; cleanse, tone, moisturise, drink plenty of water, eat well, remove your make-up before bed every evening and use a face mask at least twice a week.

The main difference comes with the types of products you use. Here we’ll take a deep dive into what exactly you should be looking out for and what to avoid.


We know cleansers for teen skin can be harsh, so more suitable cleansers for mature skin include gentler creams and lotions because they're less likely to be abrasive and irritate the skin.

One ideal solution is the Anew Clean Transforming Cleansing Balm. If you're looking for vegan or organic skincare for mature skin, this one's for you. This oil-based cleanser will help you smooth away any impurities while nourishing ingredients like shea and cocoa butter moisturise your skin for a youthful, radiant-looking glow.

Although more fragile, mature skin can still be prone to acne. Whilst acne treatments for younger skin can use quite harsh and abrasive chemicals, acne skincare for mature skin is best cared for by cleansing the skin properly every day, morning and night. Removing all make-up so that it can’t be left to clog your pores will also help.

Removing your cleanser with a gentle cloth can also help keep your skin in tip-top condition. Wash it away with warm, but not hot, water and use a fresh muslin cloth each day to remove any product and bacteria from your face.


Toners for a younger audience tend to include several different acids. Gentler toners work better for mature skin as they are less likely to damage a more fragile skin structure.

Toners such as the Anew Vitamin C Radiance Tonic are great for mature skin. It uses fewer harsh chemicals whilst still benefiting from mild exfoliants like glycolic acid, which will help brighten the skin – win-win.


Like people of any age, it's just as advisable to moisturise mature skin twice a day. As ageing skin is thinner and more delicate, moisturising regularly, especially during colder winter months when your skin may be drier, is a must.

A deep moisturising cream for nighttime is advisable for women aged over forty. The Anew Platinum Night Replenishing Cream has anti-ageing properties courtesy of its Protinol and Paxillium Technology. It'll help keep your skin plump and bright and is even more effective when paired with a day cream with the same anti-ageing properties.

Why not try the Anew Ultimate Day Firming Cream SPF25? It helps build and maintain your skin’s collagen production for firmer-feeling and smoother-looking skin in as little as two days.

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Eye Creams

Applying moisturising eye cream is equally as important as your skin ages. With age, the skin beneath our eyes becomes thinner, giving it a darkened appearance, so using creams to help keep this area of your face moisturised and plump is a must. Similarly, brightening eye creams can help create the appearance of a lighter, brighter under-eye area.

Why not give the ​​Anew Lifting Dual Eye System a go? It's made up of two different creams which work together to lift and smooth, and you can wear it underneath make-up.

Face Masks

Like at any other time in your life, regular use of face masks can help improve the texture and appearance of skin as you age. Anew Protinol™ Skin Hero Hydrogel Plumping Mask is an intensely moisturising face mask with skin-plumping qualities.

Other treatments that can help your skin retain a youthful glow include Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots and the Nutra Effects Radiance Booster Sheet Mask. These products will benefit in brightening your skin’s appearance. The plumping shots offer a week-long course of daily treatments to help your skin produce more collagen giving it a firmer, brighter appearance that will help it look years younger.

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